Apocalypse Too

Resident artists

Natalie Carpenter

The head honcho. She is the mastermind behind Apocalypse Too and master crafter. Her skills in fiber arts and costuming are legendary and we never know what she will come up with next.

Christina Carpenter

She is to 2D art what Natalie is to 3D art. Her warped doodles bring a smile to everyone's faces and we always get a kick out of seeing what madness she will unleash onto an unsuspecting world.

Momo Carpenter

The youngest of the AT clan, she dabbles in both arts and crafts. She is the Mistress of Deconstruction, often finding inspiration for her jewelry creations from broken electronics and thrift store finds.

Katie Carpenter

While not as active behind the scenes, but is always found at every convention hyping our booth to passersby. She crafts handmade geek soaps and draws original art.

Precious Alien

Galley Slaves

Matt Carpenter and Ken Mossman

They provide transportation, home storage space, booth management, and infinite patience which help make Apocalypse Too run.